My top 5 tips for enjoying walks with children!

It is important now more than ever to be getting outside – we need the exercise, fresh air, horizons, and the sights and sounds of nature – to not only keep us going, but to invigorate and inspire our souls! With the schools closed, it is inevitable that many of us parents are finding it… Continue reading My top 5 tips for enjoying walks with children!

Letting go (of creative perfection)

BC (before children) I never would have thought myself as a perfectionist. If anything I would have said I had a chaotic, irreverent approach to art, crafting and indeed life! I have always loved to make, and being self taught in a multitude of crafts, I hadn’t considered myself to have high expectations or standards… Continue reading Letting go (of creative perfection)

How to get a spore print (or beautiful art from mushrooms!)

One of my favourite things to do in the Autumn (or any season really) is to go for a good forage. There is such an abundance of berries and nuts, and of course mushrooms. As mushrooms can be misidentified easily, I tend to stay away from foraging to eat posts. There are a wealth of… Continue reading How to get a spore print (or beautiful art from mushrooms!)

These feet were made for walking…

“Isn’t he good at walking” I hear as we head off for a gloriously slow wander through the local cemetery (A. loves following the little paths and I don’t have to worry about cars!). I hear similar praises when we are out for a hike with E. I don’t think walking is necessarily something you… Continue reading These feet were made for walking…

A waste free Halloween

I have been quite looking forward to Halloween this year. With ‘Rona looming in the foreground, it has been fun inventing a new way of celebrating Halloween – keeping it intimate, a family affair. Then we took a walk to the park and oh my are our neighbours going all out this year! We are… Continue reading A waste free Halloween